Brad Pugh Memorial First Responders Program

The Brad Pugh Memorial First Responder’s Program is our signature program that focuses on First Responders to include Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Huntsville Emergency Medical Services (HEMSI) and dispatchers. Through this program, First Responders who have suffered a traumatic incident as a result of their service to the public, will be able to seek private, confidential, licensed therapy without fear of reprisal or financial burden.

This program will not only change the lives of First Responders but also their families and those that they come into contact with on a daily basis as they are serving our community.

GRAMI has partnered with Wellstone and other private mental health providers to meet this need for First Responders.


Let’s start taking care of those that are taking care of us.

In Memory of Brad Pugh

Are you a First Responder looking for Mental Help Counseling?