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Our recommended providers have agreed and are eager to help you heal and be brought back to a healed state of mind.  We know the types of stressful, sometimes horrible things that you witness just because of what you do and it’s time that you get help, private help.


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GRAMI has designed a system so that any First Responder can participate and  bypass your organization administratively to benefit from  this service. 


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This is how it will work.

A First Responder feels that they might need some type of mental health counseling.

This might be due to marriage stress due to job trauma, an injury sustained or just the fact that you witness events daily that cause depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc).

See our list of providers.

After reviewing the providers, if you should feel that one of them would possibly be a good fit for you, you may call the therapist listed number and make an appt identifying yourself, if agreeable, to being a first responder.  This, we hope, will enable the therapist to move you to a spot that might enable you to get help sooner.


If you are already seeing a therapist within your organization or Chain of Command, or if you have a therapist that you believe is licensed and practicing and could benefit your mental health journey, you may (or have them) contact GRAMI (Ms. Adina B. Peyton or another representative) and we will start the process to add them immediately to our listed therapists.

Once your appt has been set by yourself and your new therapist, arrive at the office as you normally would.

GRAMI will be covering your co-pay and any additional charges that your insurance does not cover after it has been filed, not-to-exceed $1,000 per First Responder.  You will not have to interface with GRAMI at all after we have ensured that your therapist is on the list.  Confidentiality for the First Responder is GRAMI’s adamant desire and we will ensure this experience will be safe and valuable to you.


The only request that we have for you, so we can improve this program, is to complete an anonymous survey that will not contain your information but lets us know what part of the process we might need to improve and also how well did your therapist serve you.  You will be able to leave with the survey with a stamped envelope that you and only you see.  Please complete the form and drop back into the mail within 5 days.


Although not required to interface with GRAMI, if at any time a first responder has questions, you may call the Executive Director directly at 256-529-0140.  Our hope is that we can serve you and help you find the resources you need as quickly as possible.  Any additional questions you may have not addressed here may be sent to Gettingrealaboutmentalillness@gmail.com / or gramius.info@gmail.com.


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Brave Counseling and Consulting Services

7800 Madison Boulevard Tower Suite 405
Huntsville, Alabama 35806


Mr. Carl Stewart

300 Clinton Avenue W
Huntsville, Alabama 35801


Dawn Machele Jordan LPC

New Focus Counseling, LLC
Crestwood Professional Center
250 Chateau Drive, Suite 145
Huntsville, Alabama 35801


Kelly Fisher, LPC

300 Clinton Avenue W
Suite 22A
Huntsville, AL 35801


WellStone, Inc.

4040 Memorial Pkwy SW
Huntsville, AL 35802